3 years ago

Summing up the feel of 15 sets of Burpees!?

Great work everyone in this morning’s Transition session I think I finished with 180!?

Simple. Effective.... slightly sadistic..... great fun ... See more

3 years ago

Last session done before his wedding in one weeks time and just look at our beautiful bride to be! Gorgeous Grant Critchley ?

I’ve tried working on the filters but I think I’m going to have ... See more

3 years ago

Is Jo smiling? Or is that a pain face?

Respect to her for hammering out a very tough circuit session this morning and a hell of a lot of running recently in prep for her upcoming ... See more

3 years ago

Cracking start to the week everyone! Let’s keep that sh!t up!??

3 years ago
Prime Health & Fitness en Google

Just a naked cycling event we bumped into at the weekend?

Good on them all??????

Found ourselves in the midst of a naked cycling event this weekend whilst down in London. The riders were raising awareness for body confidence and awareness along with green energy and travel. Good ... See more

3 years ago

What it means to be part of a community??

Your team will suffer your birthday burpees together??.... regardless of how old you are!

That being said, Prime are now looking to recruit some ... See more

3 years ago
Grant Critchley PT

PT Grant Critchley doing some outdoor core work with his client, ultra marathon runner Stephen??

Fun? In the sun! With Stephen Belmar

3 years ago

Monday morning double complete??

Push & Pull resistance circuit followed by the start of a fresh cycle on the 5/3/1 strength training plan??‍♂️

Kettlebells aplenty..... straight into ... See more

3 years ago
Alpstourgolf Satellite

Yes @marcustmohr ??

Watch the interview of Marcus Mohr (ENG), winner of the 2018 Open de Saint-François (-7) #OpenSaintFrançois

3 years ago


Couldn’t be anymore proud of you brother?? @marcustmohr

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