Cardio Combo

Did someone say Dryathlon? Spinning, body weight training and running all rolled into one super session!

Spin Circuit

A 50/50 split between performance spin bike drills and high intensity body weight training… and by high intensity, I mean you’ll more often than not be jumping around like a kangaroo! Though with good human posture and full body control too of course. A...

Hybrid Theory

A fusion class of the slow and steady “Push & Pull” and more intense and aggressive exercises with some interesting equipment included too. Think sledgehammers, battle ropes, sleds, tractor tyres and more. A well rounded workout for sure!

Strength & Conditioning

Barbells, Dumbbells, Cables, Body Weight work and more. Less use of a round timer in this one and a little more specific structure and individualisation to you and your strength… and a test of your ability to count and add up too. Many different lifts and plans...

Finish Strong Friday

Well, there’s only ever one way to finish hey! A mixed bag session, the spin bikes will always be included in this one, but the rest is a class without a regular set theme… After all, there’s no better workout than the one the body isn’t...