Meet Pete Howell

Certified Personal Trainer. Performance Enhancement & Corrective Exercise Specialist. (NASM-CPT, PES-CES)


“Hi. I am Pete Howell and all I want is to leave a positive mark on the lives of the people I come into contact with. That is my purpose and if you find yourself reading this then I’m here to help you achieve your goals in any way I can. Together, we’ve got this! Believe to Achieve”.

Let's get the life story out of the way then......

Ok, I’ve been in the health, fitness and for a short time a long time ago, the sports industry. Back in 2002 I became a Sports Activity Leader with the main focus being on football coaching with children aged from 5-12 years old. Wanting to broaden my horizons a little and after a little chat with my advisor, aka, my good old Dad! I made a start in the health and fitness industry proper. I took a placement role at a large chain commercial gym while I took my qualifications. This provided me with a fine grounding and a real sense of “paying my dues”……. 9 months of study and working for free, it stopped just short of slavery, but at times they pushed it pretty close! Ha! I moved from a pool lifeguard, to a gym floor and circuit class instructor and eventually I became a Personal Trainer. You’re doing really well if you’ve read to this point!

And if I’d not gone to work at that previously mentioned gym, I’d have missed out on meeting this fine lady, who later became my wife. Or Mrs Prime as she is affectionately known as now. So the slave labour was well worth it in the grand scheme of things!

So happy, we even smile after running marathons! Crying inside though!

Now we have upped our game and we motivate anyone and everyone to come and join us on these challenges! This is what health and fitness is all about to us. Helping others to step outside of their comfort zones and get involved in all kinds of crazy fun. Plus, what’s not to like about getting a new t-shirt and a nice medal every couple of months?

If your training environment fills you with negative feeling, stop going there and make a change for the better. An exercise session should not be a dread, it should be a productive and enjoyable experience with other like minded individuals around you. We’re all in the same boat.

More than just a PT

Look at the faces in this picture. This shot was taken after we had just complted a 10km challenge in pairs, yes it was tough while we were doing it but this is how you should feel after an effective training session……… Happy! It seems the goals of the average PT is to work his clients so hard that they throw up, then they can wear that as a badge of honour, you know, because it’s every trainers dream to push people to the point of vomiting because that’s the sign of good workout hey? Wrong!

“I love nothing more than to see people work towards their targets, I help along the way with session design and delivery and nutrition planning and advice, but ultimately, it’s down to them and how much they actually want it. The magic really happens when we get away from the wish for it mentality and into the work for it mindset!”.

If you’re in a negative environment, you will never get to where you want to be. Put yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by a cast of supporters who would love nothing more than to see you succeed, not a group of jealous detractors who are going to hold you back from progression. And getting to a facility with instructors who actually know what they’re doing is a mighty fine first step!


Bacon, eggs and avocado. How cliche! But do you know why they’re a wonderful nutritional combination? Well, our custom diet and nutrition plan, Food For Thought has all the answers and information you need. It’s a foolproof and step by step guide to weight loss and body shape change.

“Have you been trying to out train a bad diet? I used to as well. It took me many years of experimentation and research to come up with this plan, but one thing is certain, it is 100% successful!”.

Did you say no calorie counting? Perfect! We live in such a fast paced society, time is always the most precious commodity and a large percentage of the population love to use the excuse that they don’t have any as the main reason why they can’t cook for themselves and just have to eat takeaway or other fast food. Wakey, wakey now! You probably spend more time travelling to, queueing up and travelling home from the Chippy/Chinese/Indian/Other establishment than it would take to cook one of our recommended meals…….. and we’re pretty sure you know this already! Well, we’re here to help. If your eating habits are your downfall, then Food For Thought is most definitely your salvation.

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