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No Egos. No Mirrors. No Fitness Industry Nonsense.

Are You Ready To Stop Putting It Off Until Monday?

Prime: A Community Of People

Results come when you step outside of your comfort zone and here, you’ll be surrounded by a crowd on the same journey as you. Strength in numbers.

Believe It, Achieve It

How high you set your ceiling is up to you. We’ll help you get there though!

Prime Health and Fitness. Far From Your Average Gym.

If you’d like to exercise in an environment where you feel welcome and at home with your fellow members then you’re in the right place. All sessions are delivered by highly qualified and motivating instructors and scientific research and development is always behind our programme design, whether that’s in a group format, 1:1 or a train solo routine. It’s “Prime Time” for you to make progress and you’re in the right place!

Personal Training

Structured and effective 1 to 1 sessions with one of our coaches. The fastest way to achieving your goal is through the support and commitment of your PT.

Group Exercise

Our fully stacked timetable of instructor led classes means you can strive for progress with other like minded people around you.

Clean Eating

You cannot out train a bad diet. Our custom nutrition plan is a step by step guide to getting you eating right….. and it’s foolproof!

“Staying Healthy & Keeping Fit Has Never Been So Much Fun”

Chris Barnsley – Prime Member since 2012

A Real Gym, For Real People.

Forget the mainstream. For some reason a fantasy filled fitness industry has developed over the years. We have no interest in six packs, starvation or painting ourselves with creosote to stand on a stage in swimwear, if that’s your thing, good for you, but it’s not ours. We’re all about health and fitness moderation. Not extremism.

Set Goals. Put In The Work. Achieve.

Surround yourself with positive people on a similar journey. Meet some great new people and support each other every step of the way.

Just In Case You’ve Still Not Felt Our Vibe.

Here’s A Little More Of What We’re All About.

Believe To Achieve

Our longstanding motto and we’ll always stick to it. Whatever it is, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! So what’s it to be?

Metabolic Resistance Training

Think circuit training and resistance training mixed together. Plenty of time under tension meaning these sessions are great for toning up and increasing fitness.

Sports Massage

Rehab or prehab, we have you covered with deep tissue sports therapy. Also essential for event prep and recovery.

Strength & Conditioning

You’ve no doubt heard of the saying “strength in numbers”. Well, our three month progressive weightlifting plan is just that! Scientific design and mathematical formulae allows us to create a custom programme individualised to each participant.


Our very own brand of yoga and pilates with none other than Mrs Prime. Lengthen and strengthen in Deb’s Holistic Fusion class.

Indoor Performance Cycling

The fitness industry will commonly refer to this as “spinning”, but this is much more sophisticated. Bike drills based around road and velodrome cycling as well as some reps for the mountain bikers amongst us. Legs and lungs for days

Meet New People, Forge New Friendships.

Looking at these pictures, you’d think these incredible people have known each other forever! In actual fact, minus the odd exception, these wonderful people met here, at Prime HQ. A common interest in health, fitness, diet or sport etc brought them here and now we have many strong friendships that have fluorished and it is a joy to be a part of.

Personal Training = An Investment In You

Quite simply, this is the most efficient way to reach your desired target. With the assistance of a personal trainer, who is qualified to the highest of standrds and listed (and insured!) on the Register of Exercise Professionals may we add, you will heavily increase your chances of achievement. A regular appointment slot with your PT gives you an additional figure of support, somebody you would be letting down if you cancelled a session and often overlooked is the financial commitment you are making by purchasing the time with your instructor. This transaction reaffirms to you and to us, that you are serious about your target and dedicating yourself to reaching it. We’ll get there, together. Invest in you.


Identify Your Goal

What has motivated you into action?


Book In For A Consultation

Come and meet a PT and discuss your training goals.


Work With Us To Accomplish It

Sessions are catered to you as an individual and towards achieving your set goals.

Commit. Progress. Achieve.

There’s no magic pill for this, you’re going to have to put forth effort to get to where you want to be. But nobody said it was going to be easy, nothing worth having ever is! We’ve got this, together. Now let’s get going, these weights are not going to lift themselves!


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